Progress through the synergy of the best leadership and best practices.

KIT Group was founded by the multi-talented visionary business leader of the 21st century- Kamal Kishin Loungani in the year 1996 with an aim to achieve business excellence. His journey to success began with the inception of Kamal International Trading. It was a general trading entity that earned a reputation for the product line up and after sales support. The founder of KIT Group, Kamal Loungani set his dream in motion with his keen business acumen. Ever since inception he has been phenomenally successful in expanding his business into various strategic business verticals. His business interests cover Paper, Steel, Chemicals, Garments, Industrial Clothing, Information & Communication Technology and Food products.

Achieving nothing short of business excellence

The success of KIT Group is based on the reputation that has been built over the years for being responsible and trustworthy. The well-earned reputation is reinforced by KIT Group’s 100 plus able workforce. Hence, making KIT Group as one the most successful group companies in Dubai. Nevertheless, engaging in diversified fields of business has been the secret of success for KIT. The journey of KIT Group began as a novice in distribution business- is now proud of colourful feathers on its cap. Not surprisingly, from inception to till date the company has been vigorously proving itself in various avenues of business. Solidly built on the strong foundation of trust, today KIT Group has emerged as a leading business house in the entire GCC region and UK. Undoubtedly, in the near future, the expansion and the progress of the KIT Group will be felt across the globe.

Defining KIT Group

The winning attributes of KIT are as many, such as innovative, intuitive, inspiring, focused and result-oriented. Thus we can say the KIT Group has so many connotations to its attitude of ensuring excellence in business. The momentous corporate voyage of KIT Group has been centered on trust with a singular aim to achieve goals. Therefore, the best practices of KIT Group carry a sole mission to build a reputation for trustworthiness with clients. Hence, 75% of the business occurs through positive referrals. The group’s consistent annual turnover of $300 million reiterates the same. Guaranteeing the best practices in business dealings and under the inspired leadership of Kamal Loungani KIT Group is setting new benchmarks.

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